International Relations student Helen on studying while in the military

Watch our video interview with MA International Relations Dissertation Award winner Helen Brown on how she combined working in the RAF with studying online.

Helen Brown works for the Royal Air Force and completed her MA in International Relations while continuing her military career.

She's won the MA International Relations Dissertation Award for her project seeking to answer the question, 'To what extent is it possible to have a feminist foreign policy within the international state system?'.

Helen focused on Sweden's feminist foreign policy for her dissertation and told us that, 'As someone who works in the military I believe in the international framework and its ability to be a vehicle for progressive change.'

She was motivated to study for an MA in International Relations as she felt that it could give her an edge in her career, explaining that, 'the higher up you get in the air force, the more relevant being able to see the bigger picture is.'

The Dissertation Award winner is chosen by Programme Director Jef Huysmans from among the projects with the highest marks. Jef told us:

'Helen’s dissertation shows a sophisticated understanding of feminist IR theory and a great aptitude for applying it to foreign policy analysis. In studying Sweden’s achievements in developing and implementing a feminist foreign policy, she explores the possibilities and constraints for states to integrate an awareness of gender into all elements of their conduct with other nations, in order to confront global gender inequality. Impressive in its research effort and in bringing different academic voices in conversation, her dissertation is exemplar of the intellectual and practical value of tackling innovative topics in the study of international relations. A well-deserved winner of this year’s Best Dissertation of the Distance Learning Post-Graduate Programmes in the School of Politics and International Relations at Queen Mary University of London. Many congratulations, Helen.'

 Watch the full interview with Helen here:


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