How to Tell if an MA in International Relations is the Boost Your Career Needs

master’s degree in international relations-1.jpgAn MA from Queen Mary Online can help you access new opportunities in your career

How do you know if now is the time to pursue postgraduate study? While it is fairly common knowledge that earning a master’s degree can help you accelerate your career, identifying the point in your life at which this qualification would be most beneficial takes some reflection and planning.

At the end of the day, every career path is unique, and identifying the perfect educational opportunity will depend on your specific objectives. However, there are a few common sets of circumstances and challenges that often signal to individuals that they should look into pursuing an MA in International Relations.

Read on to learn more about what these signals are, and how Queen Mary Online can help you address them. 

You Want to Enter a New Field Related to International Relations

Sometimes, spending time in the workforce is the best way to discover a field that is perfect for you, even if it is not the sector where you are currently employed. If you are currently in a role that is related to your ideal career – such as an administrative position for an NGO you would like to be more strategically involved with, or working in a domestic department of the public sector rather than pursuing your passion for foreign policy – then pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Relations could be the stepping stone you need to transition into a role that you will find truly engaging and fulfilling.

(sept 20) online master’s in international relations.jpgStudying for advanced qualifications in International Relations can help you break into the field

You Want a Bigger Role in Your Current Internationally-Oriented Organisation

If you are working in your ideal field or organisation, but want to take on more advanced or specialised work, pursing a master’s degree can also be an effective choice. An MA can help you gain the comprehensive international relations knowledge that will equip you to work more effectively in a wide variety of roles.

With Queen Mary Online, for instance, the module on International Security: War and Peace in a Global Context covers issues that could be of particular interest to those working in aid organisations, security firms, diplomacy, or humanitarian law. By obtaining advanced knowledge in these areas, you will be able to better demonstrate to your employer and your colleagues that you have the capacity to make informed decisions in a high-level position.

Furthermore, the dissertation component of your MA can help you develop critical research skills that will help you advance in the workplace. In researching, gathering data, and producing high quality text on a subject relevant to your field of work, you can develop the skills to produce the kind of informative work that is crucial to internationally-oriented organisations, such as policy recommendations, strategic reviews, or key arguments.

You Want to Network through an Online Master’s in International Relations

Getting ahead in the world of international relations can often be aided by international experiences and connections. When you complete an online Master’s in International Relations at Queen Mary Online, you can get both of these things without having to relocate.

(sept 20) MA in international relations.jpgBuild a global professional network when you study with Queen Mary Online

Your classmates on the MA course come from countries all around the world, each bringing their own unique perspective on pressing international issues. Through Queen Mary Online’s convenient digital learning platform, discussions with your expert academic tutors, and engagements with your fellow MA students, you will have the opportunity to develop a global network of international relations professionals and scholars that you can engage with throughout your career.

If you are currently struggling to connect with others in your field, then an MA could be the perfect opportunity for you to build lasting and fruitful professional relationships.

Are the signs pointing you towards an online MA in International Relations at Queen Mary University of London?

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