Canadian Tina explains why she chose to study Global Public Health with a British university

Canadian Tina Lines is a current student on Queen Mary Online’s Global Public Health MSc and an International Development Consultant. We chatted to Tina about why she chose to study global public health with a British university, how she balances studying with work and other commitments, and how she feels the course will impact her career.

Tell us about yourself – what’s your background and where are you based?

I am based in Toronto, Canada, and I primarily work as an international development consultant supporting proposal and project design.

Why did you choose to study global public health with a British university rather than a Canadian or US university?

I chose to study at a University in the UK to complement my experience studying in Canada. Many institutions in the UK such as Queen Mary University London have a long history of teaching and building global public health as a discipline, and this was a persuading factor in my decision making.

How did the Queen Mary Global Public Health course differ to those on offer in Canada or elsewhere in the world?

There are not many two –year, part-time global public health Masters programs offered in Canada. I was looking for a credible program at an established institution that would allow working and studying at the same time, and Queen Mary University London met these criteria.

What are the advantages of studying Global Public Health online?

The advantages of studying global public health online, especially in the context of a global pandemic, are that nothing about my education plan had to change. Everything was already designed to be online, so there were no gaps in my learning or how the program progressed. This Masters program allowed me to stay connected professionally and consistently with other global public health professionals, and at a time when so much is changing.

Any disadvantages?

The workload is heavier than I imagined it would be, however seeing that I am getting closer to the finish line feels great!

Queen Mary Online student Tina Lines

Tina Lines

How do you balance your studies with your work/other commitments?

Balancing this Masters program with work and family commitments, particularly in a pandemic, has been challenging. However, it has also been great to have a two-year education plan with a set schedule when so much else is changing. Because I know the module schedule in advance, I have been able to coordinate any project deadlines that I have for work.

How do the module leaders, online tutors and your student adviser support you?

Our module leaders and tutors hold office hours that we can book when we have questions about our assignments or about a specific topic. There are also weekly webinars that our tutors host, which is a great opportunity to review concepts and to learn from the perspectives and experiences of other students.

The student advisers provide good technical support and information on the many processes that are part of an online Masters program: application, registration, payments, library access and feedback on each module.

How do you think this course will impact your career?

Earning a Masters has become critical to my career progression. With my Masters I am hoping to advance my work supporting the design of international health projects.

Would you recommend this course to other students based in Canada?

I would recommend this course to other Canadians who are seeking a flexible Masters in global public health. There is a module schedule to follow, with assignment deadlines and weekly live webinars, but it is still possible to do most of the module work at your own pace.

Through this course I have been able to continue to build my global public health network and gain more of an international experience then I might have through a similar Canadian degree.

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