MSc Global Public Health

With social, political, economic and ecological factors all having a direct impact on public health, it’s vital for health professionals to be able to see the global picture of how these factors affect people’s health in their daily lives, and to learn from their international counterparts.

As a QMUL Online MSc Global Public Health student, you’ll learn from a multidisciplinary team of academics from QMUL’s renowned Centre for Primary Care and Public Health (CPCPH) – delivering world-class research and education to inform and support local, national and global primary care and public health policy.

Under their expert guidance, and with the support of your international online student network, you’ll gain the knowledge and global insights you need to work in health policy and health service delivery at local, national and international levels, and in governmental and international bodies and NGOs.

What topics will you cover?

The modules you'll cover during your MSc Global Public Health studies are:

  • Health Inequalities and the State of Global Health  – an introduction to the broad topic of global health
  • Understanding Epidemiology and Statistics – develop skills in critical appraisal, interpreting the results of commonly used statistical techniques and routine morbidity and mortality measures
  • Health Systems Policy and Performance – an introduction to various conceptual and theoretical understandings of ‘health systems’ within a social, economic, historical and global context
  • Critical Health Economics – an introduction to core theories and concepts of economics and their applications in health policy
  • Global Health Policy and Governance – an introduction to the disciplines of international relations, politics, jurisprudence, globalisation, and global governance as they relate to global health
  • Planetary Health – an introduction to various analytical perspectives on environmental change on a local, regional, and global basis and how these relate to human health and planetary health
  • Disease Management: Policy and Practice – build links between an appreciation of the clinical features of diseases and their implications for the design of programmes and plans
  • Research, Evidence and Policy – an introduction to the philosophy of science and debates about the nature of data and evidence from a public policy and practical/applied public health perspective
  • Dissertation - Independent research. An advanced, in depth examination of a particular area of global public health. Your chosen topic should relate to a relevant issue within the academic field.

Is QMUL Online’s MSc Global Public Health programme the right choice for you?

The course is a perfect fit for:

  • Public health practitioners.
  • Social or political scientists.
  • Civil servants .
  • Anyone working in the health or humanitarian sectors, or with an interest in social and political sciences.
  • Anyone with a genuine commitment to social justice.

 It’s also a perfect fit if you’d like to:

  • Study for a world-class MSc flexibly, without having to commit to on-campus learning and while enjoying the freedom to carry on with your work and life commitments.
  • Graduate with an internationally-recognised MSc in Global Public Health from a Russell Group university.

How to apply

To find out more about QMUL Online’s MSc Global Public Health course, and how you can apply, get in touch with one of our course advisers.

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