Why US Foreign Policy Matters When You Study International Relations

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Learning about US foreign policy can greatly enrich your international relations studies

International relations is an incredibly diverse field which takes in a vast number of interesting topics, themes, and issues. As a result, those who choose to study in this area can explore it from a number of different standpoints.

One of the Queen Mary Online MA International Relations modules is called 'Themes and Cases in US Foreign Policy'. It offers students many key insights into the history of the US on the international stage, and what the legacies of key events and decisions in American foreign policy could mean for the future. Keep reading to learn more about the important perspectives students can gain by studying US foreign policy, and how these perspectives may further their careers.

Gain Insight Into the Legacies of the Cold War During Your Postgraduate Certificate in International Relations

The Cold War was a significant era for many international relations scholars, as the conflict and instability put to test many theories of international relations, and allowed for the development of new ones. For example, as proxy wars flourished, scholars began to gain new insights into how and why spheres of influence develop and change.

 Additionally, the Cold War saw many events that shaped the future direction of American foreign policy. The Vietnam War and the Cuban Missile Crisis, for example, both became cautionary tales that policymakers and military leaders incorporated into their decision making. By focusing on US foreign policy when you study international relations online, you can gain insights into the history of American international relations scholarship and practice, and in turn better understand the US’s contemporary actions.

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US foreign policy has long been key to the study and practice of international relations

Understand the Post-9/11 World When You Study International Relations Online

Taking an interest in US foreign policy can also be particularly useful for students who want to gain a more rich understanding of the post-9/11 world, and how to function as an international relations professional within it. 9/11 had an unprecedented impact on American foreign policy, leading to the war on terror, changes to domestic and international security policies, and a marked shift in the country’s overall behaviour on the international stage.

 If you incorporate the study of US foreign policy into your MA in International Relations, you will be able to more effectively discern how this historic event came to drive the actions of a global superpower, and will be able to bring this insight into any international relations work that is relevant or connected to the US.

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  Studying US foreign policy can give you insights into the legacy of the 9/11 attacks

 Learn About America’s Shifting Role to Prepare Yourself for the Future of International Relations

Finally, emphasising US foreign policy in your studies can be very beneficial to your understanding of the global distribution of power, conflicting predictions as to how this will develop in the future, and what these possibilities mean for state policy and behaviour today.

 For example, the growing role of China in the international economy has presented many questions to the US and its partners in trade that will likely continue to be of interest to those working in the international relations field.  

 Studying US foreign policy is an excellent way to gain insight into the history, behaviour, and future of an incredibly influential state, and can provide insight that will likely prove useful for those interested in pursuing internationally-focused careers all over the world.

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