Upcoming online International Relations events

With outdoor events still being an uncertainty in times of COVID-19, the ability to network and learn online has never been more needed. 

As organisers shift their focus to digital, more opportunities are being presented for people to gain access to expert knowledge and insights. If you’re a student of International Relations, or interested in exploring it further, there are a number of webinars and online channels you can utilise to further your education as well. Here are four upcoming International Relations webinars you should watch or keep track of in 2020:

1. Future of Intergovernmental Organizations

When? 4 August 2020

Be Social Change is hosting an online conversation with a variety of global intergovernmental organisations (IGOs) about their ever-evolving role in addressing world issues such as the Coronavirus pandemic, global warming, and more. Beyond delving into current scenarios, the event’s panel will also attempt to look ahead to discuss how the development of globalisation and nationalisation might affect IGOS in the future.

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2. The Bomb: Understanding its History and the Hope for a Nuclear-Free Future

When? 9 August 2020

Held in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this webinar is organised by City Lights Bookseller and Publishers. In addition to dissecting the 1945 event, The Bomb will also examine its ongoing international impact. Led by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, a naval commander during World War II who experienced Nagasaki just days after the attack, the panel will explore global programmes around nuclear weapons arsenals, arms control treaties, and the great power confrontation. The panellists will also share their visions for a future free of nuclear warfare – one with climate, environmental, and social justice placed at the forefront instead.

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3. How the World Works

When? 25 August 2020

Hosted by How To Academy, How the World Works explores life in the 21st century, and how this globalised age comes with fresh opportunities and threats. Featuring Dr Richard Haass (President of the US Council on Foreign Relations) in conversation with Matthew d’Ancona, this discussion will draw on Dr Haass’ extensive experience with US foreign policy to examine how to navigate an increasingly interwoven world.

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4. COVID-19: Global Health Security and Pandemics

When? Available now.

This web series address the predication and reaction to global health crises, including a critical conversation around responses to the Coronavirus pandemic. Available to watch now, the series includes Queen Mary’s own Sophie Harman (Professor of International Politics), Dr. Jonathan Kennedy (Global Public Health), Dr. Toby Green (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow), and many more. These experts discuss a wide range of topics over the course of these videos – from the role of the military in global health emergencies, to policies and measures that can fight the climate crisis.

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